Multifuntion Frequency Counter

Model NFC-1000C / NFC-3000C


Fuctions frequency measurement, period measurement, counting and self-diagnosis
Frequency Measurement Range 0.1Hz~1000MHz (1000C)/3000MHz (3000C)
Period Measurement Range 100ns~10s
Counting Capacity 100million-1
Sensitivity 30mVrms
Input Impedance 1M/35pF (Channel A), 50 (Channel B)
Input Mode AC/DC (Channel A); AC (Channel B)
Dynamic Range 30mVrms~1Vrms (Channel A)
-17dBm~+6dBm (Channel B)
Trigger Level 2V continuously adjustable
Crystal Oscillator Stability better than 1x10-6/day
Measurement Error time base accuracy trigger error x frequency (or period) to be measured LSD
Size and Weight 240x220x80(mm)3, 2.0kg