Universal Counter

Model EE3386A/B


Fuctions frequency measurement, period measurement, time interval measurement, frequency ratio measurement, counting, self-diagnosis, statistics (Serie B only)
Frequency Measurement Range
0.025Hz~100MHz (basic mainframe)
0.025Hz~500MHz (Type 05)
0.025Hz~1000MHz (Type 10)
0.025Hz~2.5GHz (Type 25)
Period Range 10ns~40s
Time Interval Range 20ns~40s
Dynamic Range 50mVrms~30Vrms (<100MHz)
30mVrms~1Vrms (100MHz)
Coupling Mode Channel A, B: AC/DC
Channel C: AC
Trigger Level 1.5V; 30mV step adjustable
Time Base 100MHz(10ns)
Crystal Oscillator Stability better than 1x10-8/day
(1~5)x10-9/day (optional)
Size and Weight 320x280x94 (mm)3, 2.8kg
EE3386A& EE3386B Channel C (optional)
Type 05 Frequency Range: 100MHz-500MHz 50mVrms-1Vrms
Type 10 Frequency Range: 100MHz-1000MHz 50mVrms-1Vrms
Type 25 Frequency Range: 10M0Hz-2.5GHz 50mVrms-1Vrms
EE3386A/B Analogy Interpolation (optional) (Model: EE3386A1)
High Precision: 12digits display, time interval measurement resolution: 0.1ns
plus EE3386A/B to make up EE3386A1