Multifunction Frequency Counter Universal Counter
Microwave Frequency Counter


Multifunction Frequency Counter : 5-10PCS: -5% of price, > 10pcs: email us
NFC-1000C-1 :USD220.-

Frequency range:1Hz-1.5GHz,Period Range: 100ns~1S,counting,self-diagnosis, Best Sensitivity:10mVrms,8digits LED, Stability:1x10-8, 10MHz accuracy, SMT technology

NFC-1000C-3 : USD290.-
1Hz-2.4GHz,others are same to NFC-1000C-1
NFC-1000C : USD450.-
0.1Hz-1000MHz 8digits LED display, Period:100ns-10s, Sensitivity:30mVrms, Stability:1x10-6, 10MHz equal-accuracy, Trig output level modulation
Universal Counter
E312B : USD350.-
Main:A/B two channels, 9digits VFD display, Crystal Oscillator Stability: better than 1x10-8/day, range:0.1Hz-10MHz(basic mainframe), Time Interval Range:0.2us-1000s, Dynamic Range:30mVrms~3Vrms, 10MHz equal-accuracy, SMT,Modulization design
E312B Channel C (optional) Type 01: USD250.-
Frequency Range: 10MHz-100MHz 50mVrms-1Vrms
Type 02: USD400.-
Frequency Range: 10MHz-500MHz 50mVrms-1Vrms
Type 10: USD500.-
Frequency Range: 10MHz-1000MHz 50mVrms-1Vrms

EE3386A : USD1500.-


Main:A/B two channels, Time base:100MHz, Stability:1x10-8 - 1x10-9(optional), RS-232C interface(Standard), GP-IB optional, Frequency:0.025Hz-100MHz, Period Range:10ns~40s, Time interval range: 20ns-40s, Dynamic: 50mVrms-1.5Vrms, 10digits VFD display, 100MHz synchronous equal-accuracy measurement, Self-diagnosis, SMT
Channel C
Type 05 : USD250.-
Frequency Range: 100MHz-500MHz 50mVrms-1Vrms
Type 10 : USD400.-
Frequency Range: 100MHz-1000MHz 50mVrms-1Vrms
Type 25 : USD500.-
Frequency Range: 100MHz-2.5GHz 50mVrms-1Vrms
Microwave Frequency Counter

EE3382A1 : USD1800.-


Crystal Oscillator Stability:1x10-8/day, Sensitivity: 50mVrms(10Hz-500MHz),-20dBm(500MHz up); GP-IB interface optional,10 LED display

EE3382B1 : USD2500.-


EE3382C1: USD3000.-

EE3395 High Frequency Option Option 1: USD1000.- 40GHz-60GHz, Sensitivity:-20dBm
Option 2: USD2000.- 50GHz-75GHz, Sensitivity:-20dBm
Option 3: USD3000.- 75GHz-110GHz,Sensitivity:-15dBm
EE3388W2 : USD2500.-

Continuous/ Pulse
Modulation Frequency Counter

Input Dynamic Range:
Channel A: 50mVrms-2Vrms
Channel B/C: -17dBm - +5dBm
Modulated Pulse:
Frequency: 200Hz-1MHz
Pulse Width: 0.6us-5ms(0.1-1GHz)

High-resolution equal-accuracy measurement, 11digits LED,

IEEE-488 and GP-IB optional

EE3388W3 : USD3500.-
EE3388W4 : USD4500.-
      EE3388A : USD4900.

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